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Our Purpose

Be a good steward with what God has entrusted to us.

For us, that means to improve the lives of people through healthy food and a world class workplace.

                           Our Values

We have a deep love and respect for people.
We are humble.
We are never satisfied.

Work Principles

Our business principles are centered around Lean, also known as the Toyota Production System. Contrary to many companies who view this as a "tool" to push their people to work more efficiently, we view it as a set of principles on how to be better problem solvers.
Below are the principles, phrases and lean terminologies we discuss every day as a company so that we can offer the most value to our customers who we love and appreciate. 
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CityFarms Lean Phrases.png
CityFarms Lean Phrases 2.png
CityFarms Lean Terminology.png
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