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Work at CityFarms

CityFarms Alaska is a small indoor hydroponic farm in Anchorage, AK. Our mission is to make healthy food available to everyone, regardless of the season. Our focus is to grow our people into amazing problem solvers who then help improve the lives of our coworkers and customers.

The day to day work involves harvesting, packaging, planting, maintaining a healthy crop, maintenance of equipment etc. We also allocate time every morning to improving processes and how we work to make our jobs easier.

Our work schedule is 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7am - 6pm with an hour lunch. The end time requires flexibility. Certain holidays and times of year are really busy for us so we have to work overtime for the increased orders. Other times we are getting out an hour early as things slow down. Generally, we are out by 6pm.


What We Look For

We hire for character and teach for skill. No need for background in produce or farming. We want people who are humble and curious! There is a lot of opportunity for growth and learning in our industry and understanding that we don't know everything and must seek to continuously learn is crucial!

To Apply:

Tell us about who you are, your interests, hobbies, work experience and what you are looking for in a job. The next step will be to schedule an interview.

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