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Herbs and Leafy Greens

Our primary products are herbs and leafy greens which we sell to local grocery stores and restaurants.


If you are interested in getting set up for weekly deliveries from us or would like more info about it, head on over to the contact page and send us an email!

Live Tower System
Live Tower System
Live Tower
Live Tower System

This system allows you to maintain or even continue growing your produce all year long. It comes with a small pump, tower and an adjustable LED light. 

The way it works: You purchase a tower of four plant varieties of your choice, we deliver it to you and place it in the system in your house. Then you can eat from it throughout the week at your leisure. Once it's depleted, give us a call to order another one and we will come and replace the old tower for the new! Alternatively, you can try to grow your own hydroponic crops on your counter!

Call (907) 903-5778 to place an order.

Live Tower

Purchase a living tower of fresh herbs and greens every one to two weeks to keep your system full and thriving! Choose up to four plant varieties on a week to week basis.


We do tower pickups and deliveries throughout the week. Please note that we only deliver in Anchorage and that a delivery fee will apply. The delivery must be scheduled so that the plants won't be left unattended for too long on your porch!

For all live tower purchases, in order to receive it you MUST exchange the tower you currently have in the system. If you come to pickup your live tower at the farm and do not have the old one with you, we will not exchange it. This is so we don't run out of our own growing equipment.

Our live towers and plant varieties are on a first come first serve basis, please click the link below or call (907) 903-5778 to give us your information (this only has to be done once). We will contact you shortly after!

Live Tower